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Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

By donating your used vehicle to The Salvation Army, you can help get a man off the street and on the road to recovery. Proceeds from our auto auction primarily support our long-term residential substance abuse treatment program. Men here in the CSRA are struggling with the turmoil and destruction that drug and alcohol addiction causes in their lives. With your help, we are able to be there for them in their greatest time of need.

The Salvation Army's Corps Salvage and Rehabilitation Center (CSRC), helps men recovering from alcohol or substance abuse regain a productive and self-sufficient lifestyle. The program involves counseling, work therapy, religious instruction and custom rehabilitation assistance designed to meet individual needs at no cost to the participant. This program is a long-term residency program with 35 beds. Men who successfully complete the program are in residence for up to nine months. The CSRC program also has a probation and parole referral component; an average of 10 to 15 beds is used for men referred from the Department of Corrections.

While undergoing treatment at The Salvation Army, shelter residents receive individual and group counseling, attend AA and NA meetings, attend church and participate in weekly Bible study and devotion. Our residents are also provided the opportunity to tutor and study for their GED. For men who have high school diplomas or equivalents, our satellite campus (in partnership with Augusta Technical College) provides the opportunity to learn a technical skill. Graduates are guaranteed to be placed in a position within their fields and have the opportunity to continue their education with Augusta Tech.

After completing six-months on the Army's substance abuse program, residents receive re-entry counseling and assistance transitioning back into society.

Proceeds from your donation also support the many other programs and services we offer year round. Click here to learn more.